A furniture brand with a social impact.

Since our inception early 2016, we created a furniture brand with social impact. But what is this social impact? Why do we believe, it is the responsibility of modern business to have a positive impact on people, planet and culture?

In a rapidly evolving tech world, craftsmanship and artisanship should be celebrated to humanise this growth. We believe that artisanship has a significant effect on culture and traditions. We believe that culture and tradition shapes the soul of a country and its economy. We believe that a (creative) economy thrives long term, when culture and tradition is well kept and generations have the ability to continue their creativity. And to that economy we would love to contribute. We call it the maker economy.

Currently, makers in Kenya often suffer from a lack of technical skill and the habit of purchasing poor materials against a low price. The result is a lengthy making process with often poor results. When a client is dissatisfied, this often leads to a non-sustainable future for the maker, leading to even more short cuts on material, lack of accuracy in the making process and eventually the need to shift careers or find alternative income.

JUAKEA invests in training and contributes to makers by sharing design skill and creating a portfolio that is pragmatic to be made with the tools our makers have in place - while we don't compromise on style. We mix formal production and informal production and shape furniture and home decor that offers a minimalistic and sophisticated look and feel.

Since we started 1.5 years ago, we have 3-folded the wages of our growing community of makers and continue adding collaborations with local formal producers that have a positive attitude towards their makers. For example, one of our producers dreams to have only female carpenters to work for her, trains a growing group of female carpenters and thus we love to be part of this beautiful ambition.

While creating work for our makers, we give them access to a market they would normally not be able to connect to and through our training and value addition through design, we ensure them to maintain making for this audience - generating a constant and higher income for their families and community.

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