Our vision: 'Price follows Value'

JUAKEA started with the question why furniture needs to be so expensive in Kenya. We started making furniture for our homes and for our friends with local carpenters and artisans, but often had bad experiences with the process and the final product. This was mostly based on carpenters' poor choice of materials and lack of technical skill - a big deal was using wet wood that would eventually warp. Another big one was the finishing of the product, depleting the quality of the outcome.

Technical skill, design standards and material choice seemed to be the core improvement of the Kenyan informal maker industry and since our inception we aimed to improve this, resulting in four benefits that define our value and thus our price.

Make-able and cool design

We created cool designs that can be made in an effective way, with the technical ability our makers already have. So they can provide consistent quality without continuous puzzling and re-making of prototypes.

Best material choice

We make sure we source and purchase the wood for our makers and producers and guarantee dry and durable wood that does not warp. We aim to use local resources only.

Training and Quality control

We carefully pick our makers and local producers, training them with additional skill where needed and we make sure the finishing is top of the (handmade) market. Dealing with local makers can be tough and we take that out of your hands.

Value through design

Our designs are minimalistic and suit an agile consumer that looks to fit furniture in their adaptable homes and offices. We cut the crap, bits and bops and believe that form follows function and see for the best dimension ratios, look and feel to serve this purpose.

Concluding, all this value deserves an honest price; for the maker and for the user! :)

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